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The Chickamauga Footrace

31 March 1793  

On this date in 1793…

Chickamauga Chief Captain Bench, and his followers attacked Moses Cockrell and several other white settlers leading pack animals across Powell’s Mountain. Cockrell was the only survivor of the party after outrunning Bench.

Other Years:


  • 1818 – U.S. Troops commanded by General Andrew Jackson burned the Seminole town of Tallahassee in Florida during the First Seminole War.
  • 1862 – Naval action at Island #10 on Mississippi River.
  • 1863 – John S. Mosby’s cavalry defeated Federals at Drainesville, Virginia.
  • 1902 – In Tennessee, 22 coal miners were killed by an explosion. 
  • 1945 – “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams opened on Broadway. 
  • 1980 – U.S. President Jimmy Carter of Georgia deregulated the banking industry.

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